Image of Return to the Blackhole of Outerspace (2006)

Return to the Blackhole of Outerspace (2006)

by Chris Sand aka "Sandman the Rappin' Cowboy"


"An intense journey beyond the farthest reaches of psychedelic hip-hop awaits you. The musical answer to a Hunter S. Thompson road trip into the dark side of the American psyche." -Crunks Not Dead Records.

Visit the sexual, violent, yet strangely hopeful wild west of Chris Sand's intergalactic nerve-center. Words by Sand, beats by Timezone LaFontaine.

1. Return
2. Sandpan's Delight
3. Pillowcases
4. Bragtalk 1
5. Highwayman
6. Tiny Spy Camera
7. Twice?!
8. Gateway Cock
9. Pony
10. Galahad
11. Bragtalk 2
12. Time Is Running Out
13. Jihad
14. Cloudsplitter
15. Monday Morning
16. What's Wrong?
17. Escape